Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. More and more countries are adopting policies of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), an environmental protection strategy to reach an environmental objective by making the manufacturer of the product responsible for the entire life-cycle of the product and especially for the take-back, recycling and final disposal. Using a PVA based packaging innovation is way to address EPR programs. PVA film is water soluble and biodegradable which makes and ideal eco-option to traditional packaging systems.

YUTENG's water soluble films completely dissolve once in contact with water and naturally break down into water / carbon dioxide when consumed by bacterial microorganism. A large variety of naturally occurring microorganisms have been proven to degrade PVA without leaving any harmful residue.

YUTENG's water soluble films are 1) water soluble, 2) excellent oxygen and aroma barrier, 3) biodegradable, 4) heat sealable, 5) non-toxic, 6) solvent, oil and grease resistant, 7) anti-static, 8) light in weight, 9) optimum tensile strength and flexibility, 10) easy to convert in primary packaging machines.

YUTENG's water soluble films completely dissolve once in contact with water without leaving any harmful residues, they are 100% biodegradable and totally safe to environment. 

YUTENG’s water soluble films are made of Polyynyl Alcohol, also known as PVOH, PVA, or PVAL, which is a synthetic polymer that is soluble in water. PVA can be injected, welded, printed or thermoformed. It is widely used for packaging in mono-dose/capsule/packs format different concentrated chemicals such as dyes, cleaning products, laundry detergents, septic tank activators, agrochemicals, among others.