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Water Soluble Film

Polyvinyl alcohol film (PVA for short), the density of polyvinyl alcohol film is 1.26-1,29g/cm3, refractive index is 1.52, after ultraviolet irradiation basket white light. Absorbent, can dissolve in water. The moisture content of the fiber can reach 30%-50%, and the moisture content can reach 4.5% at 65%RH, 25 ℃. It can penetrate water vapor, but it is difficult to penetrate alcohol vapor, more can not penetrate organic solvent vapor, inert gas and hydrogen gas. The barrier property of polyvinyl alcohol film is even better than vinylidene chloride film. PVA is the only vinyl polymer that can be used by bacteria as a carbon source and energy. Under the action of bacteria and enzymes, it can degrade 75% in 46 days. It belongs to a kind of biodegradable polymer material, which can be large-scale produced by non-oil routes with low price and excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance and gas barrier performance.    
Polyvinyl alcohol is non-toxic to human body, tasteless, harmless, and the natural environment has a good affinity, no accumulation, no pollution.    
Polyvinyl alcohol high barrier composite film, based on polyethylene plastic as the base material, the modified water-soluble liquid polyvinyl alcohol coated on the base material to form a film with high barrier property. Because polyvinyl alcohol high barrier composite film has good barrier performance, and meets the requirements of environmental protection, so the market prospect of this packaging material is very bright, there is a broad market space in the food industry.

We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of water soluble films. These are available in innovative designs, pattern and styles.

Water-soluble PVOH film and water soluble release film are made from water soluble polymers, having the appearance of a common plastic film. It has unique characteristic of completely dissolving in water at room temperature. The dissolved film disappears in water like sugar or coffee and the ingredients of the film change their appearance but remains present as dissolved solids in water.
The rate of dissolution depends on agitation, water temperature, amount of water and thickness of the film. The PVOH has proved to be a revolutionary film with its multiple uses which has been acknowledged and hailed by not only satisfied users but also ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY strongly recommends in packing agriculture chemicals and pesticides in this water soluble film as it is completely biodegradable and safe for environment and with time to come the use of this film not only going to increase but also indispensable because of its biodegradability, eco-friendly with multiple uses.

water-soluble release film


  • Water soluble and biodegradable

    Water soluble and biodegradable

  • Avoidance of dust inhalation

    Avoidance of dust inhalation

  • Eliminates product loss from spills

    Eliminates product loss from spills

  • Safe handling of hazardous substances

    Safe handling of hazardous substances

  • Accurate pre-measured unit dose

    Accurate pre-measured unit dose

  • No contamination of outer packaging

    No contamination of outer packaging


The Time of Dissolving of the PVA Film(eg: thickness:30um temperature:25℃.)

TypeThe beginning of dissolving (sec.)Total dissolving (sec.)
Quick<25 sec.<5 minutes
Middle<5 minutes<50 minutes
Difficultcan't dissolve when temperature is under 40℃total dissolving when temperature is over 80℃

The film is categorized into three types based on the time of dissolution: Quick, Middle, and Difficult. Thicker films dissolve more slowly, and the rate of dissolution of water soluble release film increases with higher temperatures.

ItemFast soluble filmMedium Soluble FilmDifficult
ApplicationsArtificial-haired,Embroidery,Cleansing products packing bags, Laundry bags,Agrochemical packing, Herbicide packing bags. Seed tapes, Compound film for food packing, Laundry bagsTextile packing bags, Buffer air cusion of packaging, Laundry bags, Mode release
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