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Pva water biodegradable lunch boxes

Our extensive product range includes Biodegradable Food Containers, Plastic-Free Lunch Boxes, Disposable Lunch Boxes, and eco-friendly lunchboxes, all available for wholesale purchase.

Our Biodegradable Food Containers, Plastic-Free Lunch Boxes, Disposable Lunch Boxes, and eco-friendly lunchboxes are crafted from biodegradable materials, naturally breaking down over time and minimizing their impact on the environment.

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As a commonly used food packaging material, Pva has the characteristics of good biocompatibility, degradability and high chemical stability.

Pva water biodegradable lunch boxes can first be decomposed in water, and then undergo biochemical reactions under the action of natural environmental microorganisms (bacteria, mold, algae) enzymes, eventually forming carbon dioxide and water.

Advantages of Pva water biodegradable lunch boxes compared to pla materials:

Compared with pla material, Pva has lower requirements for degradation conditions. First of all, it does not require specific composting conditions. Secondly, it has both water and biological degradation characteristics. It can be dissolved in water to form glue that penetrates into the soil, increasing the soil's viscosity and breathability. And water retention, especially suitable for sand soil transformation. Pva in the soil can be decomposed by bacteria isolated from the soil - A single-celled strain. A symbiotic system composed of at least two bacteria can degrade PVA: one bacteria is the active bacteria of polyvinyl alcohol, and the other is the bacteria that produces the substances required by the Pva active bacteria. The oxidation reaction enzyme of secondary alcohol catalyzes Pva, and then the hydrolase cuts the oxidized Pva main chain, further degrades it, and can eventually be degraded into carbon dioxide and water.

Long shelf life, will not become brittle when exposed to air, and has strong toughness.

The material has good strength, good heat resistance and good thermal stability.

Ingredients not derived from food.

The product is oil-proof and is insoluble in water below 80 degrees after special treatment. It does not affect the normal use of the lunch box.

Application scenarios:

Hamburger box, Hot dog box, Pizza box, Absorbent tray, Egg tray.

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